Federal First Instance Courts

1. Lideta District Bench

Location፡- Near Lideta Church, next to Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development “ሕንጻ ኮሌጅ “, inside the compound of Federal High Court Building at Lideta

Phone፡- +251-118-69-40-55

2. Addis Ketema District Bench 

Location፡- In front of Ammanuel Church at Addis Ketema Sub-city


3. Yeka

Location፡- Around Shola Gebeya at Yeka Sub-city

Phone፡- +251-116-68-65-93

4. Arada District Bench

Location፡- In front of Sora Amba Hotel near the intersection of Giorgis and Addisu Gebeya

Phone፡- +251-111-26-42-55 (Civil Court)

5. Kolfe Keraniyo District Bench

Location፡- Next to Shoa Supermarket near the intersection of Tor Hayloch and Total at Kolfe Keraniyo Sub-city

Phone፡- +251-112-80-10-27

6. Bole District Bench

Location፡- Next to Safari Academy at Bole Sub-city

Phone፡- +251-667-99-56

7. Kirkos District Bench

Location፡- Next to Ethiopian Commercial Bank near Kera Taxi stop at Kirkos Sub-city

Phone፡- +251-118-69-37-04

8. Menagesha District Bench

Location፡-  At Arbegnoch Building near 4 Kilo

Phone፡- +251-114-34-09-09

9. Akaki District Bench

Location፡-  In front of 09 Stadium on the building of United Insurance at Akaki Sub-city

Phone፡- +251-114-39-09-09

10.Nefas Silk Lafto District Bench

Location፡-  Near German Square on the road to Jemo at Nefas Silk Lafto Sub-city

Phone፡- +251-114-16-72-34 

11. Dire Dawa District Bench

Location፡- At Dire Dawa City Administration

Phone፡- +251-251-13-10-97