Office of the Court Annexed Mediation

Office of the Court Annexed Mediation was re-established at the Federal Supreme Court in 2018.  The mandate provided to the office includes coordinating training sessions to mediators, organizing roaster list of mediators, preparing legal documents, coordinating mediation sessions and others.  Civil matters such as labor, family, commercial and succession cases are subjected to mediation before going to the trial stage at court. There are mediation centers in five divisions of federal first instance court and 1 in Federal High Court.

What is Court Annexed Mediation?

Mediation is simply a process facilitated by a neutral third party called the mediator who assists the parties to the dispute to explore various options and solutions available in order to reach a mutual agreement.  

Advantages of Court Annexed Mediation

-          Time and Cost saving

-          A win-win approach

-          Preserves good relationship between Litigants/ arties

-          Promotes access to justice

Court Annexed Mediation

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