The child justice office was established at the Federal Supreme Court for the purpose of protecting the rights of children that pass through the justice system.  The office provides free services for those that are 18 years old.

Types of Services

  • Free legal aid services for those who cannot afford representation
  • Advocate for children’s right
  • Coordinate with governmental and non-government to provide social services
  • Provide capacity Building for those who work with children closely
  • As per the court’s order assist those who need DNA testing
  • Provide counseling services

Legal Aid Services

  • Consulting legal issues
  • Preparing required pleading for the court
  • Provide representation in court
  • Facilitate mediation services
  • Writing the necessary

Social Services Programs

Social Services Programs are provided through coordinating with non-governmental agencies. The following are the services provided;

  • Food, Shelter, School fee and Transport support
  • Guidance Counseling
  • Income generating programs
  • Family reunification services

Location of Child Justice Project Centers

  • Federal Supreme Court
  • Federal High Court  Ledeta District Bench
  • Federal First Instance Court,  Yeka and Nefasselk Lafto District Bench