The Public Defenders’ Office

Those accused of a crime have the right to a representation during their trial to ensure a fair trial. The Public Defenders’ Office was established under The Federal Courts Proclamation No. 25/1996, under Article 16 (2) (j). The Public Defenders’ Office organized under the Federal Supreme Court is mandated to provide free legal representation & services to indigent persons, who can’t afford to have representation as per the order of the bench/court.

Types of Services given by The Public Defenders’ Office (PDO)
  • Counseling Services
  • Legal Representation in Court
  • Assist in the Preparation of Court Documents


  1. Counseling Services
    • Advise the defendant to during his/her bail hearing;
    • Counsel the defendant to provide sufficient mitigating circumstances;
    • Conduct an appeal in consultation with the defendant in the case of a conviction;
    • The public defender provides legal advises for an accused who is in detention due to the fact that his/her case is unbailable and for those who made bail will. The Public Defender provides legal assistance as assigned by The Public Defenders’ Office;
  2. Legal Representation in Court
    • Argue for the accused for his/her right to bail;
    • Litigate in front of a judge or a court;
    • Gather evidence and witnesses on behalf of the accused, cross examine the prosecutor’s witnesses during trial, assist during trial;
    • File an appeal at the appellate bench of authorized federal court or Cassation bench of The Federal Supreme Court if the judgment has a basic error of law;
  3. Assist in the Preparation of Court Documents
    • Gather evidence and witness for the purpose of arguing the case of the accused during trial;
    • Prepare and file appeals against convictions or sentencing judgments.  
    • Compile a cassation appeal filing to submit to the court in case a basic error arises issue arises.