Communication with the Court 

If you require assistance, regarding the court processes, filing and operation of the court please contact the Registry staff when necessary and appropriate to have communication.

You may communicate the registrar staff on the following points:

  1. Operation of the Court
  2. Court Fees; payable amounts or exemption fees
  3. Filing Court Documents : Whether documents has been sufficiently completed to be accepted for filing; to check if any relevant documents are attached.
  4. Delay on your court hearing or attendance

How do I use the Court’s Online Services?

The Court Online services include:

  • E-filing
  • Case Tracker
  • Daily Court Trial Schedule

To access E-filing service you must first register with the court whereby a user name will be provided to you by the administrator. Through the Court’s E-filing services you may file court documents, attach files on new or existing case files.

You may track your pending cases through the case tracking feature on the court’s online services.  The court’s daily trial schedule will be updated every day, so you may check if your case is scheduled on the assigned date.

For further assistance regarding the court’s e-filing services please contact the Court’s registrar staff.

Court’s Mediation Services

There are five mediation centers at five divisions of Federal First Instance Court and one at the Federal High Court.

Dress Code for Lawyers

Overall, lawyers/advocates are at all times expected to maintain a neat and kempt appearance. Lawyers must always wear a black robe while standing before the court.